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Jorge Masvidal sets more than just his sights on Ben Askren

Jorge Masvidal (Photo credit - MMA Mania)

Jorge Masvidal was less than forgiving in his most recent interview with Joe Rogan, on the Joe Rogan MMA Show podcast.

There were many things said over the course of the podcast, but not on deaf ears were the words, ''I'm going to break his (expletive) face, I'm going to break his (expletive) ribcage.'' Gamebred, who has 33 wins on his MMA record, is one of the most experienced fighters in the MMA world. Askren (19-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), on the other hand, has a different effect on the psyche of Masvidal than any other opponent he has faced.

The fighter prides himself on being real, but brands the former ONE championship and Bellator champion as ''fake.'' The reasons being that Ben 'Funky' Askren was said to have backtracked on his actions at UFC London when met face to face with Jorge. ''Hey man, I'm going to spare you. I'm not going to say anything until after your fight.'' Askren is reported saying by Jorge Masvidal during the run in.

The pair have gone to and fro with insults over Twitter, though it seems words have not been exchanged in person. UFC 239 will see the two collide. A 2x Wrestling world champion against a brawling, tactile striker in Jorge Masvidal.

July 6th is the date. Do not miss it.

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