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WATCH: Bodycam footage shows Conor McGregor Miami arrest

Watch the footage of Conor McGregor being arrested at his rented Miami mansion earlier today.

Bodycam footage has emerged of Conor McGregor on the day of his arrest for suspicion of strong arm robbery last month. Miami Police turned up at Conor's residence with a warrant for arrest. However, they were made to wait, according to officers, while Conor arranged his legal representation. There was little fight from Mystic Mac as he bowed his head and got into the Police car, handcuffed.

The incident took place outside the Fontainebleau Hotel where Conor McGregor allegedly stole and destroyed Ahmed Abdirzak's cell phone. The initial charges presented were strong arm robbery and criminal mischief. However, this was reduced to sudden snatching and misdemeanour criminal mischief. McGregor's attorney pleaded not guilty.

Revelations since the news broke about McGregor's phone incident have led to a surveillance video showing McGregor's involvement. The video seems to back up Abdirzak's account of the night with McGregor extending his hand before swiping at the phone and stomping it into the ground. The video can be seen here.

McGregor's legal team are likely to gun for a plea deal as a criminal conviction could harm his ability to return to the United States in the future. The Irishman has found himself in legal trouble and disputes since his retirement from MMA.

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