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Anderson Silva: What does the future hold?

The MMA world was concerned for the GOAT, Anderson Silva (34-10-1 NC), after he collapsed from the brutal leg kick of Jared Cannonier to his right knee at UFC 237. This sent Anderson to the canvas and writhing in discomfort. The obvious conclusion for spectators was that a serious injury had occurred.

However, ''The Spider's'' team immediately knew that he had not suffered any fractures. The chief concern was ligament damage. An MRI scan has since been completed, showing that there is no damage recorded to ligaments and that only physical therapy is needed for the former Middleweight champion to return to MMA.

This is positive news, but how much does Anderson ''The Spider'' Silva have left to give?

This TKO loss to Jared Cannonier extends Silva's recent form to 6 losses in his last 8 fights since 2013. The last two wins were recorded over Derek Brunson and Nick Diaz vai decision, which was then changed to a no-contest after both fighters tested positive for banned substances.

Anderson Silva took to instagram to release a public statement on his thoughts for the future. It has to be considered by the GOAT based on his age. There is no doubt that he maintains the ability to fight at the highest level in Mixed Martial Arts, but is it time to hang up the gloves and dote on a storied career?

The translation of the statement reads:

"STOP OR CONTINUE?!?!? Speak my people ... I often wonder, what are each of us doing on this planet? If life is only to live by living the maximum possible hours and minutes this is definitely not my motto. I have the full conviction that there is a greater sense in everything we live and do here, coming to this terrestrial plane has a greater meaning than simply living for living, I believe it is a constant search for evolution. In these 4 days after another mission that was not successful I am questioning myself whether or not I should continue training, dedicating myself, overcoming injuries, pains and etc ... I always wonder, "Is it that the love I feel for my sport is not consuming my mind and body to the point that I cannot continue?" Anyway ... all I ever did was to be a good soldier on my battlefield, the best trained, the most disciplined and ready to die for my mission, because my love for my work has always spoken and speaks louder. I have the complete certainty that I can do all this 1000 thousand times but in the last 4 days with pain, with the uncertainty that are not new in my routine are consuming me more than before, in fact my heart and my mind of Warrior confuse me to the point of creating doubts. On the other hand I realise that I am not and do not have to be perfect, how much you have been searching for for years has brought me good and bad things as well.

"Because I have decided to talk about what I am feeling here for you, my people, because I believe that many of you who follow me have a love and admiration for my work and on the other hand I am always trying to put positive messages of motivation for all of you ... What we really ought to do is take advantage of all the opportunities that life gives us to improve ourselves as people. So always remember that your failures are always the best teachers and it is in difficult times that people need to find a reason to move on. Our actions, especially when we have to overcome ourselves, make us better people. Our ability to resist and to continue on the path is what makes us special people."

Although this statement is poignant and leaves unanswered questions for fans. The Spider spoke to TMZ Sports the following day to confirm that this was not the end just yet. You can relax for now.

I guess the question is, in fact, who would you like to see the GOAT fight next?

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